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Let Us Manage Your Book Project

  • A 900-page family genealogy that went back 11 generations.

  • An oversized full-color, highly-designed entertainment history.

  • A hardbound copy of a 14-year-old's illustrated story given as a graduation gift.

  • A leather-bound printing of a philanthropist's autobiography, for his 80th birthday celebration.

  • Two hardcover versions (one cloth, one hand-bound leather) of a business history for a company's 60th anniversary, to coincide with the milestone's gala event.

  • The memoir of a scientist recruited to solve a major international public health crisis.

  • A paperback for investors with many color graphs detailing the research and advice of a financial team.

  • A biography of a Midwestern politician written to share civics and life lessons with young people.

This is a sampling of the books the extended crew of Everything Goes Media has helped our clients with through our Conspire Creative consulting arm.

Do you have a project we can help you with?

Our proposition is quite simple. We can manage and complete your book project in less time and for less expense than you could on your own, and with the all the knowledge, resources, and polish of a professional publishing team.

By giving us the project reins, you will not be learning on the job or making mistakes as you go. You won't overpay or have to re-do things or end up with a book that looks and feels different than expected. Instead, you can have as much involvement and creative input as you like, but with the guidance and expertise of skilled publishing veterans turning your vision into reality.

Contact me (Sharon) today to discuss your project. (Businesses can read more about business book options here.)

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