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Discover What's True...For a Publisher, For Your Readers, and For Your Author Goals and Expectat

Also in this week, with the new printing of Wrigley Field's Last World Series, is the brand new Pitch What's True: A Publisher's Tools for Navigating Your Best Path to a Published Non-Fiction Book. Pitch What's True distills my best hard-earned advice from 25 years in the business--it's a gift from me, a publisher, to you, an aspiring author. The slim workbook is built around the actual tools we use in house to make decisions about which books to publish. Do the exercises and see the results!

From the back cover:

Discover, Then Showcase, the True Value of Your Nonfiction Work

  • Get your soul into the contemporary publishing game!

  • Use a veteran publisher’s tools, checklists, hard-earned advice, and fundamental notions to your advantage.

  • Explore in detail what a publisher considers in terms of book, author, and sales and marketing opportunities in advance of giving a book contract.

  • Do the exercises to keep yourself on track, probe all you have to offer, and create the best thinking on your content.

  • Craft top-notch work and an authentic proposal package…for a publisher, for your readers, and to meet your own goals and expectations.

  • Follow a step-by-step strategic cheat sheet for finding and contacting the optimal publishers for your book.

Sharon Woodhouse is owner and publisher of Everything Goes Media, a nonfiction book publishing company with four imprints and a consulting division, Conspire Creative. She is an expert in small press publishing; building a cottage industry around one’s book; customized book marketing to fit an author, a title, an audience, and/or a purpose; and customized content and publishing solutions, particularly to accommodate specific budgets and personal/organizational goals.

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