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"Your Breath in Art: Acting from Within" by Beatrice Manley released

Yesterday we released the beautiful lifetime wisdom of the former Beatrice Manley, a great actor and a master voice and acting coach. Her book Your Breath in Art: Acting from Within has been especially presented for a wider contemporary readership interested in breathwork, mindfulness, presence, presentation, and authenticity.

Your Breath in Art also received its first Amazon review this week, a lovely and fitting match for Manley's work: "There is brilliance in the advice and observations coming from a great actress and acting teacher. Her ideas intersect with Hindu meditative breathing and extends to Jewish-Hassidic mystical principles. Everything she says applies to the way of a mindful living in which acting is only a subset of the total. "Acting" as defined here, takes place not only on spoken theatrical and filmic realm. It applies equally to all forms of communication and performance: musical, athletic, dance, classroom teaching and effective social interaction. The layout of the book is very attractive and reads like a compendium of principles and witty aphorisms to illustrate them." (by Yehuda Yanney, 5 stars)

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