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Conspired: Ideas from the Inside for Nonfiction Authors

Conspired: Ideas from the Inside for Nonfiction Authors is a free email newsletter published 30-40 times a year devoted to sharing the best of what Everything Goes Media publisher, Sharon Woodhouse, has learned in her 23 years owning and running publishing businesses and advising nonfiction authors...and what she continues to learn: What's working now in her businesses; what's working now for her client authors; what she sees coming down the road, out in the world, and inside the industry.

Here's a look at the first six issues:

  • Vol. 1: Why another newsletter? Intro to Conspired and its reasonings.

  • Vol. 2: Don't Break the Chain; the Power of Tangents; Better, Not Easier; and the Three Phases of Events

  • Vol. 3: Win to the X; Defensive Entrepreneurship; Media Responsiveness; and Cold, Hard Calls

  • Vol. 4: Spaghetti & Ships; Service Marketing; Curiosity; Process Events

  • Vol. 5: Hustle & Grit; Amazon & Indies; Reconnecting; Coaching Tools

  • Vol. 6: Ideas Are Free, Time Is Not; Benefits of Being an Author; Email Responsiveness; and 30 Reviews in 90 Days Challenge

Conspire Creative is the strategic support consultancy for creative, thinking, and publishing people and their enterprises that is one division of Everything Goes Media, LLC.

Subscribe to Conspired here.

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