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The sizzling crack of a Taser and classic rock

Our next Lake Claremont Press Chicago release is August's Buzz Ride: Driven to Disruption: Memoirs of an Uber Driver by the pseudonymous P.M. White.

We call it a "Darkly Comic Coming of (Middle) Age Adventure."

But author and humorist Bull Garlington (The Beat Cop's Guide to Chicago Eats and Death by Children: I Had Kids So You Don't Have To) gives us this better description:

“A sticky backseat view of Chicago after midnight; an endless parade of half-naked party girls, arrogant hipster douche bags, murderous bicyclists, and at least one psycho killer, narrated by a driver who writes like Raymond Chandler on a coke binge–all underscored by the sizzling crack of a Taser and classic rock.”

Bull's new book is coming soon: The Full English (

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