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Majestic Public Art and 3D Glasses

This week we released author Larry Broutman's gorgeous, full-color photographic tribute to over 250 of the monuments, fountains, memorials, and statues in Chicago's parks and cemeteries, as well as those on the city's streets and buildings.

A Broutman says, "The City of Big Shoulders is alive with public sculpture. Its monuments, memorials, fountains, gravemarkers, and architectural adornments, both celebratory and poignant, speak to us from storefronts and bridges, from parks and cemeteries, in the language of stone and bronze."

In Chicago Monumental, photographer and writer Broutman brings his unique vision to the page again--his first book was Chicago Unleashed--presenting Chicago's monuments in a way that will deepen understanding of how a great city comes to be of the many complex human personalities and historical events that weave its texture and story.

Chicago Monumental may be enjoyed on many levels:

  • As a visual history

  • As social documentary

  • As a guidebook to both familiar and little-known works

  • As a portable art gallery

  • As itself a piece of public sculpture

In the final section, readers can view a special selection of large images converted to 3D. (Folding cardboard 3D spectacles can be found in a pocket at the front of the book.) But even in two dimensions, the photographs in this book are imposing and completely real, fully able to stir and satisfy the curiosity of lifelong Chicagoans and visitors alike.

All author proceeds are donated to The Chicago Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Disabled, and Access Living, Chicago-based nonprofit service agencies.

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