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Available October 2022

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Seattle Neon: Signs of the Emerald City is an oversized, full-color, trade paperback book with over 450 gorgeous images of neon signs from every neighborhood of Seattle by photographer Matt Hucke. You can see more of his work on Flickr


Savor the Emerald City's rich neon heritage with this full-color collection of gaudy, garish, and downright spectacular signs. From Aurora Avenue to White Center to Rainier Valley, Seattle Neon documents the familiar and the obscure, the historic and the new. Includes location information for all signs, some commentary for most signs, and multiple views for many signs.

Seattle Neon

  • Author/Photographer: Matt Hucke 

    Imprint: Everything Goes Media

    ISBN: 978-1-734-1452-5-0

    Format: Paperback

    Price: $35

    Page Count: Approx 200 pages

    Pub Date: October 2022

    Format: Trade paperback, 8.5" x 11" 

    Features: 450+ full-color photos, index

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