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Discover, Then Showcase, the True Value of Your Nonfiction Work


  • Get your soul into the contemporary publishing game!
  • Use a veteran publisher’s tools, checklists, hard-earned advice, and fundamental notions to your advantage.
  • Explore in detail what a publisher considers in terms of book, author, and sales and marketing opportunities in advance of giving a book contract.
  • Do the exercises to keep yourself on track, probe all you have to offer, and create the best thinking on your content.
  • Craft top-notch work and an authentic proposal package…for a publisher, for your readers, and to meet your own goals and expectations.
  • Follow a step-by-step strategic cheat sheet for finding and contacting the optimal publishers for your book.


Sharon Woodhouse is owner and publisher of Everything Goes Media, a nonfiction book publishing company with four imprints and a consulting division, Conspire Creative. She is an expert in small press publishing; building a cottage industry around one’s book; customized book marketing to fit an author, a title, an audience, and/or a purpose; and customized content and publishing solutions, particularly to accommodate specific budgets and personal/organizational goals.

Pitch What's True

  • Author: Sharon Woodhouse

    ISBN/Format/Price: 978-1893121-60-7, paperback, $12.95

    ISBN/Format/Price: 978-1-7341452-4-3, Kindle ebook, $3.99

    Imprint: Everything Goes Media

    Page Count: 71 pages

    Pub Date: April 2019


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