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The Art of Breath and Everyday Performance


I hear with my breath, I get frightened with my breath. When I fall in love the breath knows it first. I feel furious and the breath registered the emotion, long before the brain catches on.

—Beatrice Manley


Original and quirky, this collection of expert advice and observations once reserved for actors has been specially formatted for a new generation and a broader audience interested in:


  • Breathwork

  • Mindfulness

  • Personal Presence

  • Presentation and

  • Authenticity


Improvisation. Performing. Fear. Fame. Laughing. Being Sexy. Emotions. Ego. Technique. Timing. Doing Nothing. Just Doing It. In her wry, entertaining, and astute style, master of her craft Beatrice Manley dispenses wide-ranging insights and nuanced wisdom accumulated from a lifetime on the stage. Manley (1921–2002) had an acclaimed 60-year theater career centered in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, distinguishing herself in tragic and comic performances, in classical and modernist works, and ultimately as a beloved teacher and acting coach.


Your Breath in Art: Acting from Within

  • Author: Beatrice Manley

    Imprint: Everything Goes Media

    ISBN: 978-1893121-78-2

    Price: $16.95

    Page Count: 220

    Pub Date: May 30, 2017

    Format: Trade paperback, 7" x 7"

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