“This is a book that is about a changing Saudi Arabia, the globalization of concern for children, the power of science, a family adventure, and hope. But mostly, it’s about one scholar’s lifelong goal of improving the lives of children at risk and one Prince’s goal of improving the lives of the children of his nation. It is a tale of possibility. We need many more like it.”


—Timothy Shriver, Chairman, Special Olympics International



It was an idyllic, warm spring day, and from my office I watched students on the University of Wisconsin campus preparing to embark on new summers and new adventures. I had been a professor, a neuroscientist, and the director of a research center for so long—it had been decades since I was uncertain about my path.


Then the phone rang and my life changed. It was an executive search firm. A “substantive and reputable international entity” needed help with a major, long-term health research project critical to the children of its nation and I had been pinpointed as one of the best people in the world capable of addressing their problem. I couldn’t then imagine the scope or scale of the new adventure that awaited me.


Children of the Kingdom is my memoir, travelogue, and science–current events story concerning a Middle-Eastern society in transition, the intrigue of an oil-rich monarchy maintaining a precarious balance with its country’s religious extremists, the passions that naturally swirl around ancient cultural traditions, and emerging genetic science. Then there’s my wife Mary Ann and I, mature Western expats walking the line between respecting and learning about the culture of our host country and discovering how to enjoy life abroad under a restrictive Islamic regime.

Children of the Kingdom

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  • Author: Dr. Terrence R. Dolan

    Imprint: S. Woodhouse Books

    ISBN: 978-1893121-87-4

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    Page Count: 233 pp.

    Pub Date: September 2016

    Format: Trade paperback, 6" x 9"

    Features: 47 photos, bibliography, index

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