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Why preserve the history of Chicago Catholic Women?


  • To give a gift to all people, now and for future generations, so that they will know what was done for them by women and men who were committed to ending gender discrimination in the Catholic Church and society.

  • To write the history—her story—of Chicago Catholic Women so that our role in one of the greatest movements of the twentieth century, the Women’s Movement, will be known and celebrated.

  • To convey the importance of Chicago Catholic Women as one the founders of the Catholic Women’s Movement.

  • To sustain the strength, courage, and perseverance of great women who planted the seeds of justice in a Church that never appreciated their contributions, and of those who continue to work for equality for all women and our daughters.


Join author Donna Quinn as she recounts and reflects on 25 years of Chicago Catholic Women (1974–1999), the group’s work advocating for full equality for women in church and society, and its pivotal involvement in the Catholic Women’s Movement.


Donna Quinn is a feminist, activist, scholar, sister, and friend to many. She coordinates the National Coalition of American Nuns, advocates with the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, and works with Women-Church Convergence, a coalition of feminist women and men working through twenty-six organizations.

Chicago Catholic Women: Its Role in Founding the Catholic Women's Movement

  • Author: Donna Quinn

    Imprint: Lake Claremont Press: A Chicago Joint

    ISBN: 978-1893121-89-8

    Price: $22

    Page Count: 264

    Pub Date: April 2, 2016

    Format: Trade paperback, 6" x 9"