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Chicago has many treasures. The Magnificent Mile and Wrigley Field, wonderful public art and parks, beautiful bridges and skylines. But the true heart and the real treasure of the city are its children.


This book is devoted to Chicago’s children. Come along as they travel to worlds within worlds, becoming storybook characters who follow the Yellow Brick Road, sip tea in Wonderland, tame a tiger, live in a shoe, climb a magic beanstalk to bring home a golden-egg-laying hen, turn a frog into a prince, meet fairies and dragons.


Continue as they step into painted canvases to inhabit scenes from other times and places. After climbing down from those framed worlds, they explore the city, high-fiving the victorious Chicago Bears, joining penguins at the theater, and leaping across State Street Bridge aboard African impalas.


The kids are the story. The book is their adventure. Its door swings open. . .


For kids of all ages. 168 pages and 150 illustrations. Unlimited dreams.

Chicago Treasure

  • Authors: Larry Broutman, Rich Green, John Rabias 

    Imprint: Lake Claremont Press: A Chicago Joint

    ISBN: 978-1-893121-79-9

    Price: $35

    Page Count: 168 pages 

    Pub Date: March 2019

    Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 9.25" x 10.25"

    Features: Full color interior, 150 illustrations

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