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On the American Library Association's Over the Rainbow Top 10 List for Literary and General Interest Fiction, 2019!


Hats and fashion. Ida Velikowsky's family has been in the business since biblical times—for so long, they've created their own holy book. Centuries of lore carried from continent to continent. An ancient home and a springboard for new beginnings. When Ida studies the book with her father, its magic draws all her worries away. But being a transmasculine kid in a small town in the 1930s puts pressure on Ida, a crushing weight, and she feels responsible as her parents withdraw into themselves and into a room so dark and mysterious, it's a distant galaxy, a void.

When home life becomes unbearable, Ida escapes to New York where she finds a community of people who accept her as she is. And yet, she often feels a stranger to herself. Her struggles with intimacy will not vanish no matter who she meets or where she travels. 

Things take a turn for the surreal after the phone rings late one night in the middle of a dream of hats. Ida dissolves at the sound of her long-lost brother’s voice and emerges wondering if she should agree to take part in a dubious reunion.

Book of Hats

  • Author: Dov Zeller

    Imprint: Tiny Golem Press

    Distribution: Everything Goes Media

    ISBN: 978-1893121-58-4

    Price: $13.95

    Page Count: 461 pp.

    Pub Date: June 1, 2018

    Format: Trade paperback, 5.5" x 8.5" 

    Includes: Book club questions 

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