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We are publishers, and books are our medium. At least, our starting medium. We begin with content for which the book is still the right medium and we go from there.

We’re traditional book publishers working within the book industry establishment, such as it is, and doing things our own way. 

Traveler, there is no path. The path is made by walking.

–Antonio Machado


We got into this business twenty-eight years ago with no base knowledge of publishing conventions and built what we have one discovery, one decision, one mistake, one triumph, one step at a time, and that’s the path we’re still forging. We still love, buy, and read books, and know others do too. Not end of story, but beginning of the next steps ahead.


Choosing nonfiction books for particular audiences, recognizing works that deserve readers’ attention, supporting authors’ personal and creative goals, public outreach, and creative sales and marketing have always been an important part of who we are. Digital books and their offshoots, mobile products, rights sales, innovative business partnerships, ticketed book and conversation events, and publishing consulting are a growing part of our world.


We’re a small, agile company with a small, energized staff, surrounded by a mid-sized group of authors and book production professionals who help us release inspired books into the world, surrounded by an extensive network of partners, vendors, customers, and other business friends and creative connections.

We have had four imprints:

Lake Claremont Press (1994–2019)
Histories and guidebooks for greater Chicagoland by Chicago authors.

Lake Claremont Press: A Chicago Joint (2015–2021)
Distribution for entrepreneurial authors of Chicago nonfiction.

Everything Goes Media (since 2011)
Gift, lifestyle, hobby, and business books.

S. Woodhouse Books (2014-2021)
Ideas, trends, current events, science, and history.

A strategic support division offering coaching, consulting, conflict management, project management, editorial, and publishing services for solo pros, creatives, authors, small business owners, multipreneurs, and anyone interested in defensive entrepreneurship: 

Conspire Creative (since 2015)

And a distribution partnership with:

Tiny Golem Press (2016-2022)

Everything Goes Media is owned by Sharon Woodhouse.

Naturally, we are all about books—reading them, creating them, selling them, buying them, thinking and talking about them—and plenty of other things tangential to them as well. In the past year, we’ve participated in the grand ecosystem of books in at least 100 ways, and know that you also interact with books, authors, and the book world in the variety of ways your interests, time, and money permit and guide. So what we’re saying is buy, share, borrow, and/or gift our books. Get them new or used; from an indie bookseller, a chain store, a gift shop, a specialty store, or Amazon; from a friend, a garage sale, or the library. Come to an event, meet an author, invite an author to speak to your group or book club. Review our books on Amazon, GoodReads, and LibraryThing (or not). Don’t just follow us on Twitter and Facebook, but talk with us there too—about our books or about anything.

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